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    Diversified services that our company offers.

    All aspects of commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, medical, retail and handicapped properties.

    Project management and consulting available.


    ? Business Office Construction and Remodel

    ? Residential Construction and Remodel

    ? Retail Construction and Remodel

    ? Industrial Construction and Remodel

    ? Historical Buildings Renovations

    ? Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings

    ? Tenant Improvements

    ? Concrete Tilt-Ups

    ? Steel Buildings

    ? Restaurant Construction and Remodel

    ? Flood Damage Repair Work

    ? Medical Office Construction and Remodel

    ? Senior Handicap Facilities

    ? Hospital Remodel and Repair Work

    ? Apartment Building Construction

    ? Self Storage Facilities

    ? Fire Station Construction and Remodel

    ? Design and Building of Speculation Homes

    ? Car Wash/Gas Station Construction

    ? Earthquake Damage Repair Work

    ? Bridge Construction


    We look forward to helping you with your new project.

    Email: info@farwestconstruction.com
    Website: www.votalamiasquadra.com

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